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How to edit subtitles on a video

Eidt subtitles on YouTube Video

Are you trying to increase more viewer engagement on your YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok videos?

Viewer retention is a vital part of growing on any social media platform. Subtitles or captions? They’re the secret sauce to making your videos more engaging.

Today’s viewers are impatient and picky. They need to know what the video is about before they decide to watch the whole clip. Simply adding subtitles to your videos can increase views by up at least 20 percent.

It's both good for your budget because it's free and good for your business Now, let's be honest, adding captions will still take a few minutes of your time. But, producing content that grows your audience and your business is super competitive. If you want to make great content that drives results, that few minutes of extra editorial investment can go a long way.

4 steps to edit subtitles for YouTube videos

#1 Copy YouTube video URL and Paste it into the box.


Then, paste the YouTube video URL into the search box. And click the button “Try Now”.


#2 Waiting for video recognizing

This step will take a few seconds. You just need to wait for a moment, and our system will jump to edit page after recognization.


#3 Edit subtitles

When you enter in Edit page, you can edit your YouTube video subtitles.


#4 Save and download the subtitles

After you finished your subtitles, click the button “Save” and then “Download” the subtitle files. has provide 3 subtitle formats for your choice.

youtubesubtitle-5 youtubesubtitle-6

If you don’t want to edit subtitles word by word, you can try an automatic subtitle generator. Here is a recommend.

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